FINZAK Owners: Haley Findlay (blue) and Rosemarie Zak (black) © 2014 by FINZAK. All Rights Reserved; Photographs courtesy of Zoltan Redl-Nagy

We are so touched that Matt Rose, one of the owners of the Phoenix Twin Hair Salon video taped this for Haus of Finzak.

The owners of Haus of Finzak, Haley Findlay, COO and Rosemarie Zak, CEO have worked very hard to launch TIE AND CUT IT. Looking back at such a remarkable showing with so many beautiful friends supporting us. We humbly “thank you” for all who participated and attended that night on Wednesday, March 11th.

With the highest gratitude, thank you to all who came that night and showed us your love and support.

Sincerely, Haley Findlay and Rosemarie Zak

The owners of Haus of Finzak; Haley Findlay and Rosemarie Zak would like to cordially give appreciation and gratitude to the following who supported us during our launch with TIE AND CUT IT on Wednesday, March 11, 2015. It was an giant success, and we give thanks to every one who attended. Below are the following who assisted us for preparation of that night. We humbly thank you.

With GRATITUDE (in no particular order)