MAX MILES Holstein Hair Skinny Necktie


Leather ties are surprisingly not too difficult to tie, they just take a little fiddling. Once you do it a few times, it’s easy! We suggest tying with single knot as opposed to the larger Windsor-knot.

Black and White Natural Holstein: Black and white hair-on hide necktie, natural Holstein black and white iconic cow pattern. Choose from an even mix of black and white; mostly white, mostly black, or all black.

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Product Description

Our MAX MILES is a luxurious black and white natural Holstein hair on hide: weighty, rugged, fashionable. Laser cut in-house for perfect crisp, modern lines. With this hide, the leather is carefully selected for both fashion and durability. Leather ties are meant to not only span the seasons, but for decades to come. Each is one of a kind, no two leathers are ever exactly alike.

Laser cutting, from the pattern drafting to the making the computer and vector file talk to the laser, to watching it cut, to washing and cleaning the edges and sewing the center seam – every step from start to finish. That is a mouth full. NOTE: This is not farmed out to some anonymous laser shop.

Please note: “Pony hair” and “pony fur” are generic terms for hair-on hide in the fashion industry – it is cow or calf leather that has not had the hair removed – also known as haircalf. Absolutely no ponies involved! We realize leather is not for everyone, however these cowhides are sourced from the meat industry, if you believe in “nose-to-tail” eating and living, this is the most ethically sourced type of leather you can find.


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