Johnny Clyde Black Automotive Leather Necktie


Leather ties are surprisingly not too difficult to tie, they just take a little fiddling. Once you do it a few times, it’s easy! We suggest tying with single knot as opposed to the larger Windsor-knot.

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Product Description

Our JOHNNY CLYDE black leather tie is uniquely sourced from the off-cuts of automotive seat leather. Rugged yet soft textured cowhide with a soft suede reverse. Laser cut in house for perfect crisp, modern lines. We’ve carefully selected hides for both fashion and durability – leather ties are meant to not only span the seasons, but decades. Double stitched center seam with raw edges.

What’s the weight and feel of this leather? Think of your favorite motorcycle jacket…it will get even more awesome with wear. This particular batch is sourced from the highest grade leather used in the automotive industry – for fancy pants cars (and butts) now for fancy necks!

LEATHER THICKNESS: Approx. 0.045″-0.05″
WEIGHT: Approx. 2.8-3.0 oz/sq ft.

57.5″ long and just a wee hair under 2″ wide at its widest point. A slim cut, just a hair wider than our skinny width and “standard” length.

This tie is all from laser cutting, from the pattern drafting to the making the computer and vector file talk to the laser, to watching it cut -must mind it through the whole process. Fire = bad!- to washing and cleaning the edges and sewing the center seam – every step from start to finish. This is not farmed out to some anonymous laser shop.


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