Welcome to FINZAK Society TIE OF THE MONTH. Where style meets exclusivity. We are knot your average tie. As you know, our membership has its privileges. Every month Haus of FINZAK will style you in the latest fashion forward trends in men’s fashion, as well as ship your handmade orders right to your door.

Ambassador Package

EVERY MONTH $30    + $6.25 S & H

The Classic Man – a fresh new tie every month

✓ 1 handmade tie

✓ The latest designs and patterns

✓ A new look every month

Champion Package

EVERY MONTH $48    + $6.25 S & H       

Member Favorite – the fashionable tie and pocket square combo

✓ 1 handmade tie

✓ 1 handmade pocket square

✓ The perfect duo

✓ A new look every month

Presidential Package

EVERY MONTH $60    + $6.25 S & H       

Extremely Dapper- the ultimate trifecta in men’s style

✓ 1 handmade tie

✓ 1 handmade pocket square and lapel combo

✓ The look that will grab everyone’s attention

✓ A new look every month

  • How to videos
  • Fashion-forward trends to keep your style up to date
  • Exclusive interviews with models, fashion consultants, and bloggers
  • General styling tips
  • Styling tips for your monthly package
  • Video blogging from the owner
  • Instagram marketing 101
  • Tips on how to grow your business
  • Secrets to become a successful entrepreneur
  • The chance for you to be featured on our website as ‘Look of the Season’
FINZAK offers you exclusive custom and unique products every month. Each package consists of different items; however, you will receive an array of different patterns and fabrics. We offer Jacquard Silk, Cotton, Linen, Wool, Wool Blend, Silk, and Microfiber Blend. We will also be offering a handful of selected pocket squares, flower lapels, and skull lapel pins with other packages.
  • Monthly subscription
  • Auto-renewing
  • Shipping not included
  • Cancel at anytime
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
CAN I CHOOSE THE NECKTIES THAT ARE RECEIVED? No. Haus of Finzak selects for you. Part of the fun of each monthly shipment is the excitement of experiencing our latest selection for the first time.
DO YOU OFFER EXTRA-LONG NECKTIES? Yes, we do. There is an additional cost for the extra-long neckties; lengths from 60″ inch to 63″; designed to fit men up to 6′ 5″ tall. Please inquire. (Our ties measure the classic size 58″).
ARE THESE NOVELTY NECKTIES? No. We only offer our FINZAK label.
IS THERE A GUARANTEE? Your satisfaction is our business. If you’re ever unhappy with a tie you receive, simply return it to us for an alternate selection. No questions asked and no additional costs. HOWEVER, THE TIE RETURNED MUST BE SENT TO US WITHIN 5 DAYS AFTER YOU RECEIVE THE PRODUCT.
DO YOU OFFER CORPORATE QUANTITY DISCOUNTS? We do not offer ANY further discounts on the TIE OF THE MONTH Club, but we do offer Corporate Quantity Discounts. Please contact us for more information.

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